Repsol is an international energy company with almost 25,000 employees and operations in more than 30 countries across every continent. We are the world’s 13th largest oil and gas company, exploring for and producing hydrocarbons in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. We also operate six refineries in Spain and Latin America and market and distribute our products, including fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals, all over the world.

We pride ourselves in being a responsible and transparent company with a strong commitment to sustainability, social development and the environment. Our investments in cutting-edge technological innovation, research and development at our Technology Centre in Spain help us develop competitive technology to obtain the best possible products.

Our diverse team of employees provides a multicultural environment of more than 60 different nationalities with access to popular tailored training and development plans, which include mobility and internal promotion.

We also carry out regular assessments of performance and integration, and offer competitive social benefits, such as medical care, loans, insurance and pension plans, among others. Repsol is a dynamic company, which has grown faster than its peers in the last five years and is consolidating its position as a global operator thanks to financial strength, operational excellence and a focused upstream exposure. The available opportunities, the work-life balance and the company’s values have a direct impact on the high satisfaction of our employees and in the low staff turnover. Why not take a closer look? •

  • • Repsol is a leading member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes •
  • • Named one of Spain’s Top Employers by the CRF Institute •
  • • Considered Energy Company of the Year in 2014 by Petroleum Economist •
  • • Repsol White Paper on telework helping shape Spanish government policy •
  • • Repsol, world energy leader in the Newsweek Green Ranking •
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Oil and gas are the world’s most important energy providers, and will remain so for decades to come. But as existing reserves inevitably dwindle and new reserves become harder to reach and produce, it is essential to develop and deliver technologies that help maintain energy supplies while ensuring minimal environmental impact. Schlumberger operates at the vanguard of this vital worldwide industry, where its exceptional breadth of research, manufacturing and oilfield services provides a wealth of rewarding career opportunities for high-calibre graduates.

The sheer diversity of Schlumberger’s activities is impressive, ranging from fieldwork, engineering and manufacturing to research, earth sciences and IT. As a major company with around 115,000 employees, there are also career opportunities in support services such as HR, supply chain, finance accountancy, legal and other professions. In tackling some of the industry’s most complex technical and engineering problems, Schlumberger believes in a culture of innovation and teamwork, reflecting its belief that diversity spurs creativity, collaboration and a better understanding of customers’ needs.

By recruiting the best talent, Schlumberger understands it is actively developing the company’s future leaders, and so works hard to ensure each individual’s potential is developed to the maximum.

The work is academically rigorous, intellectually demanding, and can be physically tough, but the rewards reflect fully the commitment required. •

  • • Countries of operation: ~85 •
  • • To apply visit: •
  • • We accept applications all year round •



At Shell, we have around 94,000 people operating in more than 70 countries, working together to help meet the world’s growing demand for energy. As we endeavour to be one of the most innovative companies in the world, we’re looking for remarkable graduates to join us on this exciting journey of discovery, pushing boundaries and exploring frontiers as we go.

On the Shell Graduate Programme you’ll collaborate with some of the best minds in your field as you pioneer new ideas to help us meet future energy demands in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. As you build your own diverse network of talented individuals, you’ll be inspired to make discoveries that will have a real impact on the future.

Discover the benefits of working with a global team as you embark on a development programme tailored to your aspirations and experience. With the space and flexibility to develop your own strengths, areas of interest and working style you’ll also develop your leadership skills so that you can reach your potential.

The pioneers, the curious, the explorers, the adventurous and the game changers.

We’re searching for remarkable graduates to join our team. •



Energy is vital to economic development and improved standards of living. Wherever it is available, energy is helping to drive progress, but sustainability requires changes in the way that it is used and managed.

This is the environment in which we conduct our business. With operations in more than 130 countries, Total is a top-tier international oil company and a world-class natural gas operator, refiner, petrochemical producer, and fuel and lubricant retailer.

Our nearly 100,000 employees leverage their globally acknowledged expertise so that together they can discover, produce, refine and distribute oil and gas to provide products and services for customers worldwide.

We are also broadening our offering by developing energies that can partner oil and gas — today, solar energy and tomorrow, biomass.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we focus on ensuring that our operations consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. •

  • • Number of countries of operation: 130 •
  • • Number of employees: almost 100,000 •