EzioToffanin, sales and marketing manager in Europe and Africa, Schlumberger Completions.

Throughout my career with Schlumberger, I’ve held numerous positions – on the management and technical sides of the business. At every step, I’ve been supported with access to really targeted training opportunities, which are invaluable in helping you progress and become better at what you do.

My present role combines technical and commercial skill sets. In sales and marketing in the oil and gas industry, you need a background with field experience and a robust knowledge of the technical side. I talk to our customers, listen to their needs and trying to adapt our products to suit them.

Our teams also relay customer feedback internally within Schlumberger to help define the directions that new developments, products and technology should be taking. It’s an interesting mix.

For me, the best things about working in this industry are the blend of people and nationalities and the very strong technology dimension. New technologies are being developed continuously so we can drill longer or deeper wells –with ever-increasing efficiency. And, from an engineering standpoint, it’s fascinating creating technologies that are capable of going several kilometres down into the Earth, in an environment that we can’t directly see or touch.

Wherever you are in the world, you know you’re in a Schlumberger office.There are usually a few familiar faces, which gives it a community feel. In fact, when you start a new job, it’s more like you’ve moved to a different floor, not a different country.quotes-right