Adam Vasper
Adam Vasper, domain manager for the Europe and Africa region, Schlumberger Completions.

Completions engineers focus on the hardware and the processes of putting the completion together and making it produce in a safe and effective manner. My role is to help clients understand the value of certain equipment we use in the oil and gas industry, typically equipment to control the flow downhole of oil and gas, or to monitor what’s happening in the reservoir.

I look at different aspects of the well-completion process, and the reservoir and production engineering disciplines to try to provide solutions to clients.I’m constantly learning, because things are always changing and that diversity makes the job fascinating.

I love the technical things we do. We can place drillbits in a reservoir five kilometres away with an incredible degree of accuracy. The technology is tremendous.

Early on, you’re likely to undertake a job in field location, perhaps onshore or maybe on an offshore rig – and anywhere in the world. Getting field experience is a great start to a career, but, later on, there are many paths you can follow and frequent opportunities to change the direction of your career. Whatever you choose to do, you’re supported with extensive and varied training opportunities.

The working environment in Schlumberger is, in some respects, quite relaxed. There are open communications, very little hierarchy and a great spirit of co-operation. The job often involves travel and, when you do move, there’s always infrastructure to you settle down and enjoy life.quotes-right